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Breaking through the glass

“Time is a jet plane, it moves so fast” and in its impetuous flight people and things rushing before our eyes are bound to hide their inner essence. Within this endless time flow we roam, craving a single moment of sincerity.

Photography is the way to stop a moment and have a chance to look deeper into ineffable reality, to step over this usually painful dichotomy between the subject and the object. It is the way to build the safe shelter of sensation on the quicksands of rationality, to feel at home looking from the window of a passing train.

Leaden-coloured sceneries, dying factories, echoed empty halls, old rooms still keeping a subtle feeling of the past, and faces, people’s faces… Hurried glances, small awkward gestures, hands searching for a support, grief or harshness in the corner of an eye – they’re all like birds ready to flutter out of their nests in search of your sympathy, to break through the glass of loneliness.
These images materialize into projections of your memories and start living their own lives. They tell the stories for you, the stories you might think you’ve seen with your own eyes. They combine colour and shape with your dreams and feelings, becoming part of you, and you’re sentenced to return to them again and again.

So you roam over the world looking for the moments you could stop and turn into the act of perception, looking for a revelation, looking for a mirror… Always looking for a mirror…

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