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The Extravangant Creature Swallowing dreams
I was born without God. Noone taught me to have Faith.
I’d loved to keep Ideology by my side, but after a while I acknowledged to be dull or ignorant, or at least unable to reinvent it all the time, while all the others joined the crowd of Property faithful followers.
In an advanced decay stage, I understood I was just a devotee of Perceptions and Impressions, and I bet on personal things, relationships, groups. But there was nothing to do. Even these last solo gambles started to melt, and friends who were part of the game started to die.
At this point, now, it is a mess. The absurd is present.
And so, should I got Camus’s words right, I have to bet on his idea: we should imagine a happy Sisifo. Happy when he is running down the hill, happy when he is taking the stone up the hill, happy when the stone starts to slip down the hill, in a continual circle.
But, to be honest, a lot of love is needed to live the absurd time, looking for happiness in this Extravangant Creature Swallowing Dreams.

When you’ll finally say that is really idiotic to vomit

right in the middle of the street,

And when I’ll eventually say to you that it is because it’s hard to understand you

that I feel like vomitin here in the street,

and when the evening comes and you think

the morning after won’t ever come again,

and you were there, by the sea,

to enjoy the fresh and to feel fine

Why would you care about someone who can’t even vomit?

And so….

Take me to the bottom of the square,

There where the juke box is still singing,

Is it still singing only you? Can you hear it? Only you

And just take me to the bottom of the the square,

make me singing with him.

Please make sure that what he s really singing is only you, only you……


(Enzo Jannacci Quello che canta Onliù)

Night of the Year 2011, Rencontres d’Arles. 8th july 2011

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