Ignite is a space where Prospekt photographers share thoughts, notes, unfinished or discarded projects and discussions on various themes. It is a glimpse into the photographers’ processes beyond the final projects.

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Insects in visions

A while back, when Cyril and I were working on his new web site, he wanted a video to set a tone when landing on

Still lifes for docile eyes

Sometimes I feel like many photographers, including me, have perhaps stopped looking for what, for better or for worse, is extraordinary and unrepeatable in our

A true carnival of the origins

https://youtu.be/OnI7tiAQGQ8 In February 2020, as every year, I drove to Schignano, a village located in the mountains on the border between Italy and Switzerland, to

Natalia. Quarantine with the abuser

Back in March I kept reading about domestic violence being on the rise, internationally, as a consequence of the forced quarantine. After several attempts to

An invisible bullet hole

It happens sometimes that you take a photograph because something has caught your attention and then, when you see the picture you’ve taken, you discover


Woman on Street, St. Petersburg, 2008. While constructing a book’s narrative, the reasons to include or reject certain pictures are more often intuitive than logical.

Buttterflies and other creatures

World Mental Health Day is observed on the 10th of October every year. Today. I came across the website of Scott, to see again his