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Nausicaa Giulia Bianchi at The Biennale Of Female Photography in Mantova

February 23, 2020

Created by the cultural association “La Papessa” of Mantua and featuring the artistic direction of Alessia Locatelli, the Biennale of Female Photography is an international event focusing on contemporary female production. The artists of the first edition have concentrated their eye on the theme of work, observed in its multifaceted forms and manifestations. Photography is not only made of images, but it is also a space for discussions and conversations. Alongside the exhibitions, the program includes talks and portfolio reviews (with the support of Italy Photo Award). The words, works and experiences of women photographers, curators and experts of the sector become one body, crystallizing in history and memory views and thoughts often made invisible.

The theme of the first edition is “work”. There will be the miners from Georgia in the work of Georgian photography Daro Sulakauri, boys and girls doing Thai boxing in yhe photographs by German photographer Sandra Hoyn, a cross-section of rural life in Transylvania with the project by Rena Effendi, Alaska by Erika Larsen, the Cinderellas , transsexuals from Bangladesh in the photos of Annalisa Natali Murri. The dreams of a group of teenagers portrayed by Claudia Corrent, the women priests of Nausicaa Giulia Bianchi and the project of strong impact for which Eliza Bennet literally “embroidered” her hands, to show how women’s work is not delicate and light.

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