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“Engaged, Active, Aware, Women’s Perspective Now” collective exhibition featuring the work of Nausicaa Giulia Bianchi in Zagreb

August 15, 2018

After the open call on the theme “Engaged, Active, Aware — Women’s Perspectives Now”, which lasted two months, the international jury, composed of Laia Abril, Nina Berman, Tomoko Sawada, Arvida Bystöm, Katalin Ladik and Fiona Rogers, has selected the 20 artists of the 10th International Photography Festival Organ Vida, among more than 350 local and international photography projects from 49 countries of the world. Among 350 submitted photography projects from the countries of all 7 continents, the 20 finalists have been selected, who will present themselves at the main exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Selected Artists:
Raphaela Rosella, You’ll Know It When You Feel It (2018); Australia
Julia Fullerton-Batten, The Act (2017); UK
Nausica Giulia Bianchi, ORDINATION (2015); Italy
Cemre Yesil & Alice Caracciolo, Piet[r]a (2017); Turkey
Gloria Oyarzabal, Woman Go No’Gree (2017); Spain
Catrine Val, FEMINIST (2013); Germany
Ilona Szwarc, Indeed a new woman (2018); Poland, USA
Ke Peng, Salt Ponds (2016); China
Mafalda Rakos, I want to disappear – Approaching Eating Disorders (2013); Austria, Netherlands
Silvia Bigi, The tree of milk (2017); Italy

The grand opening of the exhibition as well the Festival will be on Wednesday, September 12, 2018, at the Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb, from 8 pm.
The opening will be preceded by the panel discussion with 13 female artists from the exhibition Vigilance, Struggle, Pride: Through Her Eyes, whose works you will be able to see at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

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