«Time is a jet plane, it moves too fast» and in its impetuous flight people and things rushing before our eyes are bound to hide their inner essence. Within this endless time flow we roam over the world looking for a single moment of sincerity, looking for a revelation, looking for a mirror… Always looking for a mirror…

Hoarse is a personal visual travel, a photographic on-going project, across the time and the places of the childhood and youth. Interior and external places, expressing the concept of travel, distance, fractures, that the photographer tries to recompose through a poetic and evocative tale. The real fracture, the loss of the past, is not related to a geographic country that ceased to exist. What remains is the interior fracture never recomposed, the nostalgia for that time when the soul was not yet torn.

Night of the Year 2011, Rencontres d’Arles. 8th july 2011

Editing: Valeria Cardi

Music: Sam Dale

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