Vajont dam, one of the tallest in the world, was built in the valley of the Vajont River, under Monte Toc, in 1959.
All the projects about Vajont disaster end at 22:39 of 9 October 1963, when a landslide caused the overtopping of the dam, provoking around 2,000 deaths and completely destroying the city of Longarone.
Little is known and has been told about what happened later.
“Ice cream city” is a collection of portraits of the protagonists of the fifty years between the tragedy and today: the survivors, the priest, the engineeers and architects who decidedto rebuild Longarone where it was before, all the people who came from the outside looking for a job during the reconstruction (and the resulting development of the local industry). People who have quickly rebuilt houses and roads, but are still struggling to build a country, divided between what has been deleted and can’t go back, and what nobody knows is going to happen in the future.

This valley has always been famous for its ice cream that has always been exported everywhere. In 2011 the city council has decided to place a billboard at the entryway of Longarone: “The ice cream city”. The survivors’ committee would like to change it with another billboard: “The city of the 2000 victims”.