Chernobyl, Ukraine


In the first hours of the 26th of April 1986 it was bursting the number 4 atomic reactor in Chernobyl, Ukraine. Twenty years later, I crossed Belarus and Ukraine to discover the consequencies of  the bigger atomic catastrophe in the history. I met the survivors and listened to their stories. Belaurs situation is dramatic:  23% of the territory is still contaminated and, according to the scientist’s valutation, 2 milions of adults and half of a milion of children suffer from diseases having reference to the Chernobyl’s disaster. During the travel, from Mink to Kiev, I met several interesting people such as atomic scientists, common people, liquidators of the station, till to the the crux of the disaster: the corpse of the reactor #4, buried under a cover that everybody calls sarcophagus. Around the reactor there are only soldiers, who guard the checkpoints, abandoned villages and an heavy silence.