Samia Jaba Nkrumah is the daughter of Kwame Nkrumah, first prime and later president of Ghana. Kwame Nkrumah, firm believer in African liberation and in a pan-African policy, played a key role in the creation of the Organization of African Unity in 1963. Overthrown by the military in 1966, he spent his last years in exile and died in 1972. His legacy and dream of a “United States of African” still remains a goal among many.

Samia grew in Egipt (where her mother came form), and spent her living in Uk, Us and Italy.

In march 2008 the party founded by her father asked her to run for a seat in Parliament. And she accepted, moving back with her famility to live in Ghana. She chose to run in the poor and rural area of Jomoro, because this was the place were her family came from and the district where her father was first elected.

On dec 7 2008, Samia won a seat in Parliament and she spends her life between Takoradi, where her family settled, Accra, where the Parliament has its headquarters, and the poor villages in Jomoro, where her return was welcomed with joy and hope.