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Butterflies is a long term project on mental health.

In Ancient Greece, drifting souls were often represented by butterflies symbols. This was a direct link to Psyche, the soul goddess, who was similarly depicted with delicate Lepidoptera wings. When looking for a title for my work on the mental condition, I wanted a word that elevated the individuals I had met above the stale socially created traumas and stigmatizations, which had ruined their lives. The word “Butterflies” soon imposed itself as an image of a delicate but radiant state of being. A description of freedom constantly terrorized by the outside world and an unstable condition made splittable by a misplaced caress. This soul vulnerability constantly immersed in fear became my main obsession while photographing the men and women frozen in institutions or healing


Certainties are shaken. A giant’s shadow is looming over the empty room. A witch is repeatedly murmuring abstruse incantations. A fairy is looking for the exit gate. The trickster is plotting in a world within a world. The children are dancing in the alley but the music is covered by a mist It isn’t raw pain but it’s a silent menace. At a weeping willow, the nymph closes the show:

“Does the illness make you unloved or does the lack of love make you ill?”

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