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Alisa Resnik

Alisa Resnik was born in 1976 in St Petersburg, Russia, and moved to Berlin, Germany, in 1990. After studying art history in Berlin and Bologna, she began taking photographs in 2008.
In 2013 Resnik won the European Publishers Award for Photography.
2014 she was a finalist of Oskar Barnack Award.

Her book “One Another” was published simultaneously in five editions (Kehrer Verlag (D), Actes Sud (FR), Peliti Associati (I), Dewi Lewis Publishing (UK) and Blume(ES)).

(Her work has been published in Lettre International, International New York Times, Liberation, Die Zeit, die taz, Russian Reporter, Burn Magazine, GUP etc.)

She’s been a member of Prospekt since 2009 and a member of TEMPS ZERO collective since 2012.
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