by Diambra Mariani and Francesco Mion

Spain – Mexico

“We’ve recently met Lucy during one of our trips, and we’ve been fascinated by her world”.

Lucy is a Welsh writer and researcher and she’s quite famous as a horse behaviourist and trainer, using a natural approach. Highly educated, having studied zoology and neuro-physiology to post-graduate level, after studying she went to live in Snowdonia to farm and break Welsh ponies which led in turn to her equine-centred writing and training career. She now lives in Spain, in a messy house in the countryside, with her dog, two horses, many gecos and some swallow’s nests in her bedroom. Her work focuses on the relationship between horse and human and the mind of the horse itself; her book The Horse’s Mind was the result of Lucy’s extensive travels throughout the world observing different cultures’ approaches to horse training combined with her scientific background and studies of equine ethology.

“We first photographed her during one of her workshops in Spain, in a village close to Caceres, then we followed her in her place, a rural building in the countryside (not far from Plasencia) that she bought some years ago, after many others living in her van. Close to her place, at Piornal, we went with her in search of the 40 wild ponies she owns and that she’s studying.

As she told us she was going to Mexico to teach her training method in an equestrian centre in Morelia, we decided to join her during her stay.”

She has always travelled a lot around Latin America, especially Colombia and Venezuela, where, as she says, they especially need her skills.