2005 – 2007

Argentina has been for long time the illusion of an economic miracle. its recent history shows as the uncontrolled use of the privatization system doesn’t produce richness but just poverty. World powers used it as economic experimentation and speculation laboratory. The southamerican country is in a hard situation due to the dollarization of its economy to the consequent crisis of 2002.

After being solved part of the debt in the 2006 to the International Monetary Found amounting to 9.810 millions dollars the situation is still severe: almost 50% of the population live under the in poverty line. Unemployment is now at the 22% and the 70% of the workers is precarious. The illiteracy has risen from the 2% to the 12%. This situation is even grave if we think that the argentinian ground is rich of raw materials and that its internal food-producing is sufficient to feed for five years a country big as Italy.