2011 – ongoing

This project is created by combining altered old family photographs with newly created digital pictures.
It is about a house in the Italian countryside, the place where I used to spend summers during my childhood. 
When my grandfather died the house remained completely abandoned during many years due to family disputes.
In 2011, I had finally had the chance to go back to the place, where I felt a need to reconnect with my roots, creating my own narrative, which aims to describe through personal memories, the human, universal experience of  the emotional attachment for a place which is related to early years of own’s life and family experiences.

The work is divided into 3 chapters:

Old photographs of my grandmother and her sister’s childhood and youth which I had found in the family house and altered through digital-manipulated interventions.

A journey between the past and the present, created by revising old photographs and merging them with new ones, blending memories and expectation.

III. LA GUERRE (2016):
Notes about the attempt to bring the house back to life and the permanent contradiction between the struggle against its decay and the fascination with it.

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