Ex Psychiatric Hospital of Cogoleto,  Italy


The 13th of May is going to be the 30th anniversary of the law 180, also known as Basaglia law, from the name of the psychiatrist who fought to reform the existing psychiatric system in the name of a better treatment for the patients.

With the Basaglia law starts the long process of dismantling of psychiatric hospitals which ended with the closing of Santa Maria della Pietà  in Rome.

Italy is, today, the only country in the world without mental hospital.

Heike Suka joined the film-maker Giotto Barbieri in the making of the docufilm 0.9 Ampere. A journey of testimony and analysis on the use of electroshock, known in Italy as TEC (Electro Convulsant Therapy).

The setting is real, the ex psychiatric hospital of Cogoleto, in Liguria. The facts and characters are fictional. 0.9 Ampere is the intenisity of the electic current of the electroshock.

The actors are: Massimo Brizi, Elsa Bossi, Gabriella Piccian and Federico Vanni.