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Prospekt Masterclass 2023 at Spazio Tempo School – The Projects

November 14, 2023

The 2023 edition of the Reportage and Documentary Photography Masterclass, organized in  collaboration with Prospekt at the SpazioTempo School in Bari has just finished and we’re glad to feature  the projects realized by  the authors who took part in this advanced educational journey under the supervision of Francesco Merlini and Raffaele Petralla. This edition involved as guest lecturers Prospekt photographers Nausicaa Giulia Bianchi, George Georgiou, Pietro Masturzo together with Manila Camarini, photoeditor of D La Repubblica and Tommaso Parillo, editor and founder of Witty Books.
Here You can find all the details about the next edition of the course that will take part on February 2024. 

Delia Aliani - 1.20

Tina is a small 54 year old woman, suffering from a rare form of disharmonious dwarfism, pseudoachondroplasia. After spending the first twelve years in an institute specialized in the study of her disease, she returned to Matera, her hometown and she immediately realized that she was the only one with this peculiarity.
This very evident rarity in her atypical and fascinating body put her faced with discrimination and challenges, but her strength and determination helped her overcome them.
Tina’s story is an example of resilience in the face of adversity.

Emanuele Bucci - There Is…Once Upon a Time

It is a journey into the Lucanian dichotomy, between the search for the causes of depopulation and the power of remainder. The abandonment of this land rich in history and with an uncontaminated natural landscape now affects people of all ages and social backgrounds, which risks creating a void in the memory and traditions of this region. In contrast, the strength of those who stay or return, to the slowness of this place, to the deep bond that gives a strong identity to the place where they live, putting themselves at risk and welcoming those who come from outside.
“The right to migrate corresponds to the right to stay, building another sense of places and of oneself. Restanza means feeling anchored and at the same time disoriented in a place to be protected and at the same time radically regenerated.”

Cristina Carbonara - Freedom Roma

The Freedom Roma  founded their motorcycle group in 2009, an independent Harley-Davidson single-brand association, included in the Union Bike on 8 November 2010, when they were awarded the right to wear their colors, “we have traveled over 15 thousand kilometers of road in just under two years, participated in more than 150 trips, rallies, events and resolutely rejected some clumsy attempts to obscure our integrity. We are a Club that is part of the Biker Union, because this is what we wanted.”
The project aims to delve into the identity traces of a past that fascinates and resists immaculately, and the habits, social bonds of men satisfied in their choices who embrace the American style, between myth and legend, every day with devotion. Freedom Roma is the story of a journey, in which the motorbike is the way to connect with the world, a lifestyle, a vocation, and the Club is family and escape from everyday life for everyone, that breath of fresh air that celebrates the most sacred and American, freedom.

Mario De Persis - Fontamara 2023

The title of the project draws inspiration from Ignazio Silone’s novel, Fontamara; published in 1945 in Italy it tells the story of an imaginary town in Marsica, chosen as a symbol of the peasant universe, and a symbol of the events of the marginalized of all latitudes who reject their condition and come into conflict with society. Starting from the suggestion of the novel, my project aims to be both the attempt to attribute my personal visual reconstruction to Fontamara, an imaginary town, and the story of a journey through the lands of Marsica Fucense, staging of a local story and at the same time universal, in a physical context rich in suggestions for me.
I crossed by car and on foot the municipalities and villages of the Fucino plain and the neighboring pre-Apennine areas in search of a form of representation, of the anthropized landscape and of the people, which was the call, an allusion , of timeless stories.

Margaret Lamanna - Limited

Scoliosis, an abnormal curvature of the spine, affects about 3% of people. According to statistics from the Humanitas San Pio X institute in Milan, scoliosis affects 1 to 3% of adolescents. The onset ratio of scoliosis above 30° is 7 girls to 1 boy. This type of scoliosis, between 30° and 45°, can be cured or at least improved by wearing braces.
I wore the plaster brace when I was twelve for a couple of months. Then, they prescribed me a hard plastic cast but I didn’t wear it consistently. Which is why even today, at twenty-four years old, I have scoliosis and bear the signs.
This project is a deja-vu of pain.
What does it feel like to be forced into your body?
What are we fighting? Who are we fighting against? How do you fight?

Antonella Mezzapesa - Twelve Into Thirty-Nine

The body of a 39 year old woman with the heart and mind of a child. What is it like to live life instinctively without the filter of reason? This was one of the first questions I asked myself when I met Enza. Following trauma caused by a difficult birth, she was diagnosed with a cognitive delay combined with a mild form of autism which does not allow her to live her life autonomously and independently. Abandoned by her mother from an early age, she lived in an institution together with her sisters. Both were adopted after a few years, while she now lives in a foster home in Casarano (LE).
She dreams of getting married and every now and then she enjoys wearing an old dress improvising her fake wedding. So she in her world is married, and by then she’s happy to tell everyone about it.

Cristina Pugliese - Food Trucks

A project that tells the story of the different identities of food trucks in the Salento area of Puglia through a sequence of serial images. Photos taken from sunset to late at night, the time slot in which food trucks work the most.

Giovanna Traetta - Playground

The energy that you can breathe in an amusement park is one of the most fascinating memories that I was lucky enough to experience during my adolescence. Inextricably linked to these memories, in the heart of Sicily, there is a part of my family that has invested its life in building a project that would be a source of entertainment for children, requiring commitment and passion. Today the situation is changing, as they age, they are faced with the difficult decision to sell their rides, as their children have chosen different paths, embracing a more stable life.
As the years pass, every piece of their past is being lost and, as on a late summer night, every carousel slowly turns off, leaving room only for melancholic memories of a distant happiness.

Chiara Ventola - Lucanian Suggestions

“Lucanian Suggestions” is a long journey towards the innermost area of Basilicata, one of the loneliest and quietest regions in Italy. This journey seeks to tell the hidden world, the most intimate of this land, through a dreamlike visual narrative. Like a fairy tale told next to a brazier, stories of ghosts, hopes, dreams and desires of a distant generation come to life, where the magical object, a fundamental element of these tales, is seen as an instrument of social revenge.
The project tends to imitate the time of the place where the rhythm is marked by events of metamorphosis, death and resurrection.
A time that devours and is reborn like the one described by the author Giambattista Basile, who, through research into centuries-old popular tales, managed to find that union between the opposites of life: the ordinary and the extraordinary, the grotesque and the harmony.
The aim of the project is to stop these events, making them reappear through images as an eternal dream composed of alternative scenarios.

Federica Zani - Where The Wild Things Went?

Pristine, wild places are disappearing at an unprecedented rate.
Land consumption is a process associated with the loss of a fundamental, limited and non-renewable environmental resource, due to its occupation by artificial elements.
I decided to examine the Romagna Riviera, one of the most exploited areas in Italy. Walking along the beaches it is now difficult to imagine what they were like before the expanse of hotels, second homes and factories. An exploration of the coast, from Casalborsetti to Cattolica, to understand how much human activities have transformed these territories, determining the alteration of ecosystems, the loss of landscapes and biodiversity. The project addresses various issues related to this theme, such as the extraction of natural materials and the release of pollutants, which contribute to compromising this important resource.

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