by Diambra Mariani

Accademia d’arte circense – Verona, Italy
March 2011 – january 2013
The Accademia d’Arte Circense of Verona is a high school where students learn juggling, trapezium and funambolism.
It lasts 4 years and only children between 8 and 16 years old can attend it.
Currently, it’s hosting 25 people.
The Academy was founded in 1988 by Egidio Palmiri, who’s the president, with the contribution of the Togni Family.
It’s the only Circus School in the whole West which provides room and board to the pupils- mainly coming from circus family.
As Miss Ivana Palmiri (Egidio Palmiri’s sister) told me, the students are quite sure to find a job after the Academy. It seems the employment problem hasn’t touched the circus. Anyway she insists about the importance of a good cultural training.
The students, during the morning, go to school , then they have lunch together, do their homeworks helped by two teachers and finally they have their training, between 16,00 and 19,30, every day. They have dinner together and then go to bed quite early, in the containers where they live.