by Justin Maxon

Chester, Pennsylvania, USA

2008 – 2011

Those living in Chester, PA, a town of about 37,000, grow up in an environment where forces everywhere are against them; where gravity seems to be stronger and less forgiving. It is a place with one the worst public school system in the state, where pollution alters development, where violence and crime are commonplace and people with nothing take from others who have little. People are forced into carrying this burden of weight and thus are required to be strong to withstand it.

This is a project that explores both sides of Chester, from the crisis to the spirit that is strong in the face of these issues.

This work is a selection of images from a long-term project documenting the urban African American experience in Chester, PA; where wounds run deep and imposed neglect is paved over by gentrification. In using multiple exposures, I attempt to speak to the weight and complexities that are heavy on the lives of people living in this community.