Port Harcourt, Nigeria

December 2010

Kinabuti is a fashion label with a heart and a purpose, launching from the Niger Delta to the world.

The brainchild of Nigeria-based, Italy-born Caterina Bortolussi, Kinabuti was launched as part of the Africa International Film Festival (AFRIFF) in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

Caterina Bortolussi was among the creator and manager of this festival.

Like all her other projects, the ‘In our Ghetto Project by Kinabuti’ was born under one premise: to use fashion as a vehicle to promote art and creativity amongst underprivileged communities, opening a door of opportunity for the younger generation by inspiring them to re-mold their future with a sense of fresh hope and wider horizons in a world beyond the streets of the ghettos.

With this vision in mind Kinabuti’, a new fashion line inspired by the high spirited women of these communities, chose to work in close collaboration with them for the launch.

Inspired by Bortolussi’s time in Africa, the debut collection was alive with a mosaic of colours and textures. With the Nigerian setting holding such a strong influence on the designs, Caterina felt it fitting to have the clothes modelled by the local Port Harcourt women.

Discussing the show and the role it plays in the “In Our Ghetto Project” she explains ‘I wanted the women of the ghetto because I believe they are the quintessence of the spirit which inspired my style.’ The images here show the ‘Fashion Bhuti Camp’ phase of the initiative where the chosen girls were put through their paces and readied themselves to take centre stage at the Kinabuti fashion show.


The project has been documented by photographer Massimo Sciacca during the selecion and training of the girls untill the show and the fashion shooting inside the slum.

The images are shot in 35mm during the backstage inside the ‘Fashion Bhuti Camp’.

The other set of images are done with the Iphone Hipstamatic, and are skethcehs of the fashion shooting


‘Our main goal is to use creativity to raise collective awareness and be a reminder of how such small interventions in young people´s lives can help develop new skills and change the way they project themselves in their future. Our hope is to encourage people to play a more active role in the lives of younger generations who will be responsible for shaping our present world and bringing progress through creativity’.