Between poverty and globalization,  Philippines


Until half of the ’90s the Philipines were considered one of the emergent countries of Asia with the highest standart of development. One of the tigers of the South East Asia. In the last ten years the country fell into the worst economical crisis it ever had. The development was based on the costuction and financial speculations, not followed by a strengthening of the industrial sector or an agricolure reform which could help the conditions of the farmers and improve the production. The high level of unemployment, the rising of the cost of living, low salaries and so the riduced capacity of buying are just some of the indicators of the actual economical situation of the Philipines. The majority of the population meet enormous difficulties to maintain a dignified life.

In this contest, more and more philipinos are obliged to look for a job overbroad, leaving behind families and contribuiting, with their salaries, to riduce the constant debt of the country.