Lao Pdr, Laos

January 2006

In the Nakai Plateau area (Lao PDR), a Italo-Thai-Laotian joint-venture, authorized by the World Bank, has begun the construction of gigantic dam, Nam Theun 2, on a tributary of Mekong river.

The environmental impact of the dam is very heavy: six thousands people are forced to leave their villages without any guarantee, while an area of hundreds of square miles is deforested and flooded.

This reportage is part of the photographic project “Water Corporation: Human Right or Commodity” that has water as core-theme. Water is seen as a source of life, tradition, ancient rituality but also as a resource seriously polluted, exploited and sold by oil companies, big corporations, corrupted politicians. The project tries to ponder on the alternative in the relationship between men and the limited resources of the planet, universal themselves, like running water.

The first three stories – Laos, Nigeria and Sicily – gave birth to the exhibition “Water corporation: human right or commodity?”, (Milan, march 2006), sponsored by Amnesty International and Province of Milan, and by UN among the Millennium Campaign “No Excuses 2015”.