This project is about my transition from a path of chaos to one of healing. For the past decade, I have been running away from phantoms within. The healthy parts of my life that used to enrich it fell away-family, friends, love. I found myself in a space between worlds: a visitor to everything around me, a stranger to my own life. I realized a crossroads was approaching, a choice to be made. I took the route that curved back into me, threading the fractured parts of myself back into place. The complex nature of the imagery portrays the nature of my own mind. I have been lost inside a maze of thoughts, attempting to make sense of everything twisted and tangled. Multiple exposures are layered together in camera, creating a patchwork of feelings.

When complete, this body of work will intertwine, as threads of memory are layered over strings of the present, weaving my own road-map back into place. To insure I am no longer walking blindly, stumbling over a path obscured by the shadows of my past.