by Mads Nissen

Benghazi, Tobrouk, Ajdabiya, Al Brega

February – March 2011

Anti – government protests in Libya started on 15 February 2011. By 18 February the second-largest city, Benghazi, was controlled by the rebels. The opposition also took the control of Tobrouk, Ajdabiya and other cities along the east coast, in Cirenaica region. An interimn government in opposition was established in Benghazi on the 26 of February, with president Mustaffa Abdulgalleel.

Despite initial success of the opposition, government forces took back much of the Mediterranean coast, and on 19 march 2011 a no-fly zone over Libya was established by United Nations Security Copuncil resolution 1973.

With the assistance of the international military coalition, the rebels have now taken over the cities of Cirenaica.