Cali, Colombia.

The love motel industry, which began in Japan, has spread throughout the world and all of South America, especially Colombia.
In a conservative country like Colombia the importance of maintaining privacy between lovers is vital. Because many adults live with parents into their late twenties and there is not much privacy to explore intimacy, a love motel becomes a perfect and safe alternative. A love motel is a place where lovers meet for the time they need to have sex and after that they leave. From a two hours time to a full weekend.
In Cali, city of Love, Fun and Salsa, the growing love moteles industry has developed original strategies to attract clients. The owner of the “Kiss Me” motel has put a gigantic 16 mt. high Venus of Milo on the roof and at night is lit with green or pink bright lights and can be seen from all the city. The “Kiss Me” motel is the most eccentric and original one in town. The last creation of this motel is a suite inspired by “Fifty Shades of Gray”, with a cage inside the room and everything designed for the lovers of BDSM.
In fact another feature that makes the moteles in Cali very popular is the largest offer of thematic rooms. You can choose from an Arctic room to a Medieval Japan room or a post-revolutionary Cuba room; from futuristic Galactic rooms to romantic Venetian suites, among other imaginative options. The offer is very diverse, ranging from basic single rooms where the optionals provided are a condom, a towel and a roll of toilet paper;  up to entire suites with Jacuzzi, sauna and turkish bath, lap dancing bar, rotating beds, various kinds of sex toys and sex fornitures, like the Swing Chair or the Tantra Sofa.
The love moteles industry found another good business with the “multiple suites” service. These rooms are rented to up to 20-30 people max. at the same time. They have common spaces, but also private rooms, and are the perfect option for a Gang Bang Party. “Multiple suites” are also more and more used by young people who organize late night electronic rumbas with DJ, alcohol and drugs to prolong the night fun well over the closing time of the discos.

Photographed moteles:

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